Website BRIEF

To make the process easier for both you and I, please share some further specifics, before the designing begins.

You may need to do some research / work before completing this and sending it over.
Please fill out as much as possible, as this will greatly assist with the process.

If you still aren’t sure on some questions after doing some research / work and would like some advice, please leave blank and we can troubleshoot.

*Please note: The starred questions are required. 

Name *
e.g. To advertise my services & gain clients OR to market and sell my products OR to share my recipes and earn through brand collaborations, etc.
e.g. About, Portfolio/Projects/Work, Services, Work with me, Shop, Blog/Journal/News, Events, Gallery, Contact, etc.
e.g. Search, Subscription/Newsletter, eCommerce/Shop, Forms, Banners, Quotes, Videos, Maps, Bookings, Calendar, Menu, Social Media (which ones), Pop ups, etc.
If yes, please send in a Google Document OR Word Document. If not, will you do it yourself or get a copywriter to help you? OR I can link you with a potential copywriter to do it with you, for additional cost.
If yes, please package / ZIP / WeTransfer / Dropbox them via email to, all together and label them according to which page you think they will work on, if not sure, just label them with what they are. If not, I have some photographer contacts, for additional cost. Or you can use free ( or etc) or bought stock photos (‎,,, etc)‎.
What are their website links?
Point out what you like – is it a font, colour, layout, feature, etc and you would possibly like to see something similar on you website.
Point out what you like – is it a font, colour, layout, feature, etc.
If not, please arrange as soon as possible / you can do that here:
If not, please have a look here: Once we select a template together, you will then set up an account, buy the plan with your email & password (I get you to do this because you may need to activate the account set up via your email), then share the password with me and then I can start designing.
If you haven’t yet, you can through Squarespace. Once you have set up a Squarespace account, log in and once a template is chosen click on the website, then see 'Settings' on the left panel, then see 'Email & G Suite', you can set up an email here.