To make the process easier for both you and I, please share some further specifics, before the designing begins.

You may need to do some research / work before completing this and sending it over.
Please fill out as much as possible, as this will greatly assist with the process.

If you only require labels or printing directly onto the product but no box, just fill out what you can.

If you still aren’t sure on some questions after doing some research / work and would like some advice, please leave blank and we can troubleshoot.

*Please note: The starred questions are required. 

Name *
e.g. A cleanser & moisturiser.
e.g. The brand 'Go-To Skincare', name their cleanser 'Properly Clean' & their moisturiser 'Very Useful Face Cream'.
Be as descriptive as possible & please share the proper name if you can get that from the supplier. e.g. An amber glass bottle with a black lid + a white box (or can look into custom design if budget allows). Include colour & material if possible.
1. Who will create the actual product/s, e.g. the liquid cleanser? 2. Who is the supplier of the bottle/s & box? 3. Who is printing the label or directly onto the bottle/s & box?
e.g. Will the logo, ingredients, directions etc be printed onto a label/sticker or directly onto the product/s & box?
e.g. The bottle is 10cm high but the label is to be 9cm wide x 5cm high wrap label which creates a 1cm gap (the minimum recommended for ease of label application) OR maybe the branding & text is to be printed onto just the front & back of the product, and if so, what is the printable surface area, Eg. the front is 4cm high x 2cm wide. The box is a 14cm square box that is 8cm deep with a lid, and is to be black card.
List copy for all products. e.g. Logo Name of product/s A few word description or selling point Amount in oz / ml Etc
List copy for all products. e.g. Ingredients Directions Warnings Features Address Website Etc
List copy for all boxes. e.g. The logo & name of product. Clean and simple. OR is it going on a shop shelf and need more (similar to what is on the actual product) for legal reasons?
e.g. Would you also like printed tissue paper or a postcard to go with the product etc. Could incur additional cost.