I'm Lauren a Melbourne based graphic designer [& more] with a career that spans over a decade both nationally and internationally.

From print, to digital, to agency, to in-house—a natural organiser / planner [+ doer] and a lover of helping others elevate their business.

I work with local and international clients and offering a wide range of creative services: branding, content creation, websites, illustration, print design, digital design, styling and art direction.

Obsessed with minimalism + details— to be a walking contradiction, cooking + eating at amazing restaurants, elixirs, interiors, well thought out style, ocean swims and travelling the world.

Having worked with various industries including fashion, food, interiors, beauty, education, health and more, I'd love chat about how I can help you with your idea, brand / business. I am available for work in-house/office (brand or agency) in Melbourne or from my studio, for anyone around the world.